Janice Friedman Trio: Live at Kitano

Released 2015 (CAP Records)

Recorded live at Kitano Jazz in NYC on July 20, 2011 and released on CAP records, this was a truly fantastic night.   There is plenty of diversity in terms of tune choices plus the originals “Get Set”, “Lonely Sky” and “Ripplin.”

Janice Friedman: Piano/Voice on tracks 3,8,10
Victor Lewis: Drums
Ed Howard :Bass

Janice Friedman: Arrangements
Janice Friedman’s Original Compositions:

Get Set
Lonely Sky (lyrics: Lee Charles Kelley)

  • Janice Friedman is a super-star musical talent!
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  • Friedman and her pals just flat out know how to hit this stuff out of the park. A killer throughout.
    Midwest RecordRead full article
  • Seriously vibrant set from pianist Friedman, bassist Ed Howard and drummer Victor Lewis.
    Nick Bewsey, Bird Is The WormRead full article
  • Friedman is the epitome of the great tradition of the piano jazz trio. She really makes you sit up and take notice.
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  • The lady has a whole keyboard at her command and demonstrates that she knows how to use it.
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  • Pianist JANICE FRIEDMAN is at her swinging best on Live at Kitano. Friedman’s original material is instantly appealing. Live at Kitano is lively and fun!
    Jersey Jazz Society
  • with enthusiasm, optimism, grace, and virtuoso chops, she nails every piece on this disc, as do her partners.
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  • a lively and delightful set that echoes Oscar Peterson’s joyous performances.
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  • This gig at NYC’s Kitano is a cooker!