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Ain’t it nice…..

When the club owner asks you to come and play?!  I remember when I was recognized at the Blue Note (and let in under the cover) ’cause I was playing there with the big band on Sundays pretty regularly.  I damned near put that on my resume.  Anyway, thank you Gino.  Gino has asked me to return with my trio to Kitano on June 9th.    If you can be there, I promise you a good time.  I know how that sounds, but you know what I mean!  Check the schedule for the details. See you soon.

I’m welcoming in Spring….

It’s been a little bit slow for moi.  Unusual, I’d have to say.  And that’s a good thing ’cause we don’t like it that way! But, I have not been wasting my time.  There are so many musical projects that I am working on.  I will keep you posted on what’s happening and I wish you the most fantastic season.

Hi Folks….

There’s a lot of good stuff going on for moi and I hope you’ll join me.  First of all, I’m back at Jazz at Kitano with the JF Trio on Friday, December 30th.  This is a beautiful, listening room with a top notch piano, so I’m a happy girl there and I promise you’ll be happy too.  Come celebrate New Year’s Eve a night early without getting beer thrown on your head!  Speaking of New Year’s Eve, it looks like I’ll be at the Empire Hotel in a new room there with a small band.  More details coming soon on that.  On Tuesday, December 15th I’ll be at The Bahai Center in the village playing some Sinatra hits interspersed with Arnold Jay Smith’s talks and videos of the man.  This will be an interesting night no doubt.  And, I’m so happy to be back playing for the last work-week of December in the lobby of the Empire State Building.  I have to tell you, it’s not a real sit-down and enjoy the music situation, but if you are in the hood, come say hello and get an inside of view of this very cool NY landmark.  Oh yes, there’s a few more boat trips on the horizon left too.  See you soon.

Hey there…..

I hope all is well with you.  Recently the JF Trio played at Kitano Jazz in Manhattan to a completely sold out room.  Thank you to everyone that was there and to those who joined us in spirit.  These days I’ve been getting called pretty often to play at Arturo’s on Houston.  This is a fun place albeit a bit noisy.  Anyway, check the schedule and come on by if you can.  There is no cover.  I have a few more dates on the boat, The Bateaux and some things at The Carnegie Club.  Plus, I’ll be up in Connecticut soon at the end of the month with The Greg Wall Quartet.  Things keep on moving on.  Alright, you take care now.

Kitano is coming up…..

Hey Folks.  Hope all is well.  I’ve got a few exciting things coming up.  First and foremost, Jazz at Kitano on September 7th.  This is one of the best jazz rooms in town and I have a great trio with me.  These fellows are a blast from my past….like comfy shoes: Doug Weiss on bass & Brian Floody on drums.  And, by golly, I’m gonna do whatever I gosh darned feel like doing.  It will be fun.  Make some reservations 212-885-7119.  Also, I’ve got my usual haunts although I’ll be away a nice chunk of this month so check the calendar.  On the last Wednesday in August I’ll be back at The Montauk Library for a solo concert.  Hope to see you soon.