I began teaching at the age of 10 and continue to this day to teach both privately and, up until recently, as a professor at Rutgers University where I was for some 12 years.

I’ve taught all sorts of students- left brained, right brained, older, younger, professionals and beginners.  I take what each student brings to the table and what they would like to learn and I help them to get at that and also help them with what I know they will need.

I love music and I love sharing it.  I want it to be fun.  My students are part of my musical family.  My only real criteria for taking on a student is that we get along well, that they are consistent in coming, and that they respect the magic of music.

After teaching for so many years, I’ve been able to develop clear ways to explain things.  I’ve been able to see what a specific person needs and create fun ways to get at that.  Every student/client is an individual, learning in their own individual way. Each lesson follows the way that person learns and is built in an organized, clear and easy going way upon the last lesson.

I teach piano, improvisation, theory, technique, rhythm, musicality and composition. I have piano students, vocal students, composition and theory students.  I have professionals on other instruments that want to learn piano.  I have vocalists that want to put together their shows and I can help them do that from soup to nuts- picking out tunes, finding keys, taking things off the records, making nice clear music charts, teaching how the music works and how to deal with a band.   I’ll teach Jazz, blues, classical, beginning piano, pop or whatever kind of music a person likes- because I like most kinds of music. I have taught in class rooms to groups and in clinics as well.

I know some folks say that teaching is something that folks that can’t “make it out there playing” will do. I have always done both and both are important and right for me to do. I want each of my students to love what they do musically.  I want it to be an easy feeling to play and have it be something that they feel expresses themselves completely honestly.

Music is a beautiful thing.  The more you give to it, the more it gives to you.  I wish I could claim that quote as my own, but that was said many, many years ago from a most important musical mentor of mine.  I have found that his true words stick with me and help guide me even now.  I am grateful to all of my teachers and hope that I can share something this special with my students.