Beautiful Concert….

Thank you to all who attended and helped our concert to happen in NJ this past Sunday.  My guys, Anthony Pinciotti on drums and Mike Richmond on bass were beautiful.  They worked hard to make it easy!  Again, beautiful!!!

Rochester International Jazz Festival

What a blast!  I’ve been the solo queen here in NYC, but this was super special.  Hatch Recital Hall at Eastman School of Music… the perfect piano, the perfect acoustics.  This was one of 20 stages going on for this 9 day festival.  I was honored to be a part of it.  Standing ovations on both sets.  Oh yeah.  A nice review in the paper.  Uh huh.  All good.  Now I’m back in town.  Still good.  Come say hi!


Rochester International Jazz Festival

I’ll be playing solo piano (with a bit of singing) at a beautiful venue in the Eastman School of Music called Hatch Recital Hall as part of the Jazz Festival on June 21st.  That’s a nice thing.  Tomorrow I will do an annual event that is always heavy.   Holocaust survivors tell their story thru high school students.  I am grateful to witness this and give something to it.  Mostly though as you may know, I’m busy playing most nights at the Center Bar in the Time Warner Building and on the Hudson River as master of ceremonies on The Bateaux.  Hope to see you and hope all good things are coming your way.


So much fun-  Mezzrow.  Thank you to all who joined us and for those who were with us in spirit.  And, for those that missed it?  Next time.  It was a great night.  I had a blast and it felt like everyone else did too.  Thank you Marco Panascia for your beautiful input and to Mezzrow for it’s great vibe.  And now?  Onto the next thing!

Mezzrow on Tuesday November 20th!

Mezzrow is one of my most favorite places.  Go to mezzrow.com and make a reservation for Tuesday November 20th.  I will be there with the great Marco Panascia on bass.  I promise big joy factor!